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While you marinate a butterflied lamb leg in a daring garlic/lemon/oregano Greek marinade, superb issues will occur … Particularly, amazingly tender, significantly flavour-infused lamb! Wonderful to grill on the BBQ, or roast within the oven.

A sensational share platter meal possibility for gatherings – the Greek method!

Close up of Greek Butterflied Lamb Leg

Greek Butterflied Lamb Leg

Butterflied lamb leg is solely a leg of lamb with the bone eliminated so the meat lies flat and is comparatively uniform in thickness. This implies the lamb cooks sooner than a standard entire roast leg, in addition to opening the leg as much as all kinds of flavour potentialities.

At this time, we’re going Greek! Numerous garlic, plenty of lemon, plenty of oregano – flavours which might be a pure pairing with lamb given it’s certainly one of Greece’s favorite meats!

Greek Butterflied Lamb Leg on a platter, ready to be shared

What you want

Simply garlic, oregano, lemons, the butterflied lamb leg (extra on this under), and fairly please can we additionally faux I didn’t neglect to place olive oil within the photograph? 🙂 Oil is important not solely so as to add some richness and flavour, but in addition to dilute the lemon so the acid within the lemon doesn’t “cook dinner” the lamb meat, such as you see it performed for Ceviche.

Ingredients in Greek Butterflied Lamb Leg
Olive oil is lacking from the photograph! Oops. 🙂

Butterflied Lamb Leg

Butterflied lamb leg is a lamb leg with the bone eliminated so it may be “butterflied” to lie flat. This offers you a broader vary of cooking technique choices in comparison with a bone in lamb leg which is best roasted entire attributable to its form. It additionally affords us the chance to essentially get some nice flavours in all through the flesh.

When ready effectively and cooked to uncommon or medium uncommon, it’s an extremely succulent, tender lamb lower that’s ultimate served for gatherings. A 1.7kg/3.4lb butterflied lamb leg (the meat lower from a mean dimension 2.2kg / 4.Four lb bone-in lamb leg) will simply serve Eight individuals, if no more.

Butterflied Lamb Leg raw
Butterflied lamb leg with among the fats trimmed off it. The most effective components of the lamb to BBQ!

The outer floor, pictured above, will usually include a layer of fats on it. Trim off as a lot or as little as you need – although I do warning towards extreme fats elimination as a result of the fats retains the meat good and juicy, to not point out fats = flavour!

And right here’s what the flesh aspect seems to be like. That is the aspect that the bone was lower out of:

Butterflied Lamb Leg raw
Some individuals may see scrappy flesh. All I see are cracks and crevices, ready to soak up the flavour of the marinade!

How lengthy to marinate butterflied lamb leg

If time permits, I like to recommend marinating for 24 hours. This yields extra tender meat, and higher flavour infusion.

Nevertheless, the fantastic thing about utilizing butterflied lamb leg with this slightly intense lemony-garlicky marinade is that even a brief Three hour marination makes a outstanding distinction. All these nooks, crannies and crevices within the flesh you can see within the photograph above are simply ready for the marinade to seep into!😂

Be aware: The floor of the flesh will flip a bit white, from the lemon “cooking” the meat. Don’t be alarmed – it’s alleged to occur and has no impact on the ultimate consequence. 🙂

Marinating Greek Butterflied Lamb Leg
Marinade for 24 hours for finest outcomes. However even Three hours works astonishingly effectively!

Easy methods to cook dinner a Butterflied Lamb Leg (BBQ or oven)

As a result of the lamb leg meat is “butterflied” out so it lays comparatively flat, it makes it good for cooking on the BBQ, which you’ll be able to’t actually do with a bone in lamb leg. Lamb LOVES to be grilled, and it actually brings out the very best of these tasty Greek flavours!

Having stated that, your good ol’ oven will do a sensational job too. In truth, whereas the Butterflied Lamb Leg you see within the video is grilled, the one within the photographs was seared on the range then completed within the oven (to complete cooking it by means of extra evenly).

How to make Greek Butterflied Lamb Leg
  1. Make marinade Combine the marinade substances in a big ziplock bag;
  2. Marinate lamb – Add the lamb, therapeutic massage effectively, then marinate for 24 hours (minimal Three hours). Ziplock luggage actually are the best and environment friendly method to marinate this lamb as a result of it retains the meat totally enveloped with the marinade. When you choose to make use of a bowl or container, enhance the marinade by at the least 50%, and toss a couple of times through the marinating time;
  3. BBQ, or range + oven – Prepare dinner the lamb both on the BBQ (20 minutes) OR on the range adopted by ending it within the oven (22 – 25 minutes).

    Range ➔ oven: Beginning on the range and ending within the oven is the very best technique for thick cuts of meat like butterflied lamb leg. When you attempt to cook dinner it simply utilizing the range, you’ll find yourself with a thick band of overcooked meat on the outer edges by the point the center cooks by means of.

    Then again, should you attempt to cook dinner it simply utilizing the oven, you received’t get a lot color on the floor. No one needs a colourless piece of lamb!

    BBQ: The perfect. The warmth of a BBQ is extra ambient in comparison with the direct contact warmth of a range, so you possibly can cook dinner it completely – as you will note on the video. Plus after all, you get all these smoky additional flavours from the grilling. Bought charcoal? Even higher. Bonus factors for you!

  4. Pull temperature = 57°C/135°F – The correct time to drag the lamb off the BBQ / out of the oven for medium uncommon is when the inner temperature reaches 57°C/135°F. It can rise a short while resting (subsequent step);
  5. Temp rises throughout resting to 62°C/144°F – Resting the lamb is important, to let the juices redistribute all through the meat because it sits. When you strive slicing earlier than resting, all these juices simply run in every single place!

    Because the lamb rests, the lamb continues to cook dinner slightly extra because of the residual warmth. The inner temperature will rise to 62°C/144°F. That is exactly medium-rare, the optimum doneness for lamb leg in order that it’s a blushing pink and fantastically juicy;

  6. Plate up and serve! Put it out entire and let individuals carve their very own slices off on the desk, or you possibly can serve it already sliced (my choice) for ease of serving.
Greek Butterflied Lamb Leg fresh off the BBQ
Close up of pink juicy slices of Greek Butterflied Lamb Leg

Inside temperature of Butterflied Leg of Lamb

KEY TIP! Pull the lamb off the BBQ/oven earlier than the goal inside temperature is reached as a result of it would rise by round 5°C/7°F because it rests. When you don’t pull the lamb off/out early, the lamb shall be overdone by the point it’s rested – and the way unhappy will that be?! 😞

Doneness Pull Temperature* Goal Temp after resting **
Uncommon (darkish pink) 49°C / 120°F 54°C / 129°F
Medium-rare (really helpful, blushing pink) 57°C / 135°F 62°C / 144°F
(trace of pink inside)
63°C / 145°F 68°C / 154°F
Nicely performed
(least juicy, no pink in any respect)
67°C / 153°F 72°C / 162°F

* Pull temperature is the inner temperature at which the lamb ought to be taken off the BBQ or out of the oven. ** That is what the inner temperature will rise to after resting, and that is your closing Goal Temperature to your desired stage of doneness.

The fact is, due to the uneven thickness of a butterflied leg of lamb, whereas most of it may be an ideal medium uncommon, the thinner edges shall be unavoidably medium and even medium-well performed. However that truly works completely to cater for visitors preferring their lamb extra well-cooked!

Greek Butterflied Lamb Leg platter
Greek Butterflied Lamb Leg stuffed in pita bread

Easy methods to serve Greek Butterflied Lamb

This dish is fabulous for gatherings, shared platter-style, or a fast summer time meal that may feed your loved ones over a few nights. Listed here are some serving choices and recommended sides:

  • Greek Salad – An enormous, juicy, recent Greek Salad is actually made to serve alongside this lamb;
  • Flatbreads – Stuff the meat inside for home made lamb wraps!
  • Rice (and comparable) sides – corresponding to Greek Lemon Rice, Mediterranean Brown Rice Salad, Greek Lemon Orzo Salad (Risoni)
  • Quick no cook dinner aspect possibility – Couscous. Douse it generously with lemon, toss by means of some chopped tomato and cucumber should you’re feeling it, perhaps some sliced olives. YUM.
  • Marinated Greek-flavoured Chickpea Salad (that is actually, actually good)
  • Vibrant, zesty Lentil Salad or do that Roasted Eggplant Lentil Salad
  • Tzatziki as an accompaniment (use the one in my Gyros recipe) and even simply plain yogurt jazzed up with a squeeze of lemon juice, olive oil, salt and pepper.

The platter pictured on this put up options the Greek Salad, store-bought flatbreads (you are able to do higher!) and Tzatziki.

Get pleasure from! – Nagi x

Watch how one can make it

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Close up photo of slices of Greek Butterflied Lamb Leg

Greek Butterflied Lamb Leg

Servings8 + individuals

Faucet or hover to scale

Recipe video above. It is a terrific, daring Greek marinade for lamb that each tenderises and infuses it with garlicky, herby, lemon flavours. Butterflied lamb leg is a unbelievable method to take pleasure in lamb as a result of the flattened form means it may be cooked comparatively rapidly in comparison with roasting a complete leg. In truth, I believe that butterflied lamb leg is likely one of the finest cuts of lamb for the BBQ!


  • Combine marinade substances in a big ziplock bag.

  • Add lamb, therapeutic massage bag effectively to get the marinade into all of the meat cracks and crevices.

  • Seal bag and marinate for 24 hours (Three hours minimal).

  • Take away lamb from the fridge 1 hour previous to cooking (to take fridge relax for extra even cooking).


  • Brush grates with oil then preheat BBQ till highly regarded. (Takes 15 minutes, lid closed, with my primary fuel BBQ).

  • Take away lamb from marinade and place on the grill, fats aspect down.

  • Prepare dinner for 12 minutes, then flip and cook dinner the flesh aspect for Eight minutes, or till the inner temperature within the thickest half registers 57°C / 135°F for medium-rare or desired pull temperature (see Be aware 3).

  • Loosely cowl with foil, and relaxation for 10 minutes earlier than serving.

Range/Oven (Be aware 2):

  • Preheat oven to 180°C/350°F (all oven sorts). Place a rack on a tray.

  • Reduce lamb into 2 or Three massive items so it suits in your skillet.

  • Warmth oil in skillet over medium-high warmth. Sear till golden brown on each side, round 2 – Three minutes all sides. (Be aware: It won’t color far more within the oven)

  • Roast for 22 – 25 minutes, or till the thickest half registers 57°C / 135°F for medium-rare or desired pull temperature (see Be aware 3).

  • Take away from oven, loosely cowl with foil, and relaxation for 10 minutes earlier than serving.

Recipe Notes:

1. Butterflied lamb leg – It is a lamb leg with the bone eliminated. I purchase mine already butterflied. In any other case, ask your butcher to bone out a complete lamb leg or do it your self (use a boning or lengthy, skinny knife and take your time; it’s not too troublesome.)
2. Range/Oven – Don’t attempt to cook dinner the lamb all through on the range, you’ll find yourself with a thick band over overcooked lamb earlier than the within cooks. Must be seared on the range then completed within the oven.
3. Inside temperature cooked lamb:
Butterflied Lamb Leg Internal Temperature Cooked
TIP for even cooking: Butterflied lamb leg will not be completely even in thickness all through. The thinner components shall be extra performed than the thickest components, however this normally works out effectively as a result of there’s at all times somebody round that likes their meat extra effectively performed! Nevertheless, should you actually need each half to be completely medium uncommon, simply lower the thinner components off the warmth earlier. It tends to be the flappy ends so they are going to detach simply!
4. Vitamin per serving, assuming Eight servings and that Three tbsp of the oil leads to the completed dish. Excludes sides.

Vitamin Data:

Serving: 187gEnergy: 430cal (22%)Protein: 37g (74%)Fats: 23g (35%)Saturated Fats: 9.5g (59%)Polyunsaturated Fats: 1.6gMonounsaturated Fats: 9.9gLdl cholesterol: 168.3mg (56%)Sodium: 411mg (18%)Potassium: 606.6mg (17%)Calcium: 18.7mg (2%)Iron: 3.7mg (21%)

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