Chuda Ghasa- Breakfast from Odisha


Chuda Ghasa

Chuda Ghasa is a candy emotion with odia folks. We have now grown up consuming this candy since our childhood which doesnot require any cooking. Flattened rice ( chuda), jaggery ,grated coconut, black pepper,ghee is all you must make this recipe. Chuda Ghasa actually interprets into flattened rice rubbed between each palms with ghee and jaggery and seasoned with some spices after which it will probably be devoured. Chuda Ghasa due to its simplicity is most popular by Individuals in odisha throughout fasting or as even in breakfast together with Dalma.

This recipe is kind of widespread in Coastal Odisha and is usually ready throughout festive events at house.In Bahuda Jatra of Lord Jagannath, devotees supply Chuda Ghasa as Prasad to Lord Jagannath.

The flattened rice or Chuda is first coarsely floor after which rub with some desi ghee, grated coconut and jaggery ,black pepper and cardamom powder until all of it resembles like sand pebbles and when maintain it ought to maintain its form.


Elements for Chuda Ghasa

2 cups flattened rice ( Chuda/Poha)
half cup grated contemporary coconut
1/four cup grated Jaggery or sugar
2 Tbsp ghee
I Tsp black pepper powder
half Tsp cardamom powder
A pinch edible camphor


  • Take flattened rice and dry grind to make a rough powder and take away to a bowl.
  • Combine jaggery with coconut until jaggery melts and effectively coated with coconut.
  • Add Jaggery and coconut combination and rub it together with your palm until you see it forming to a crumbly texture.
  • Add ghee ,cardamom and black pepper powder and proceed to rub to combine all the pieces effectively.
  • In the long run add a pinch of edible camphor and serve with dalma


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