Auguste Escoffier Left A Culinary Legacy: The 5 “Mom Sauces.”


He didn’t understand it when he printed them, however Auguste Escoffier left a lifelong culinary legacy when he created the 5 “mom sauces.”

They’re the premise for just about each sauce utilized in trendy delicacies…and if you happen to’re attending a culinary college you’re certain to study them as a basis to your schooling.

From alfredo to bourguignonne, demi-glace to cheddar cheese, you’ll uncover that one of many 5 mom sauces is the bottom in a whole lot of distinctive sauce recipes. Understanding their origins, their composition, and how one can grasp them needs to be a precedence for anybody finding out the culinary arts.

Some critics declare that the mom sauces are “outdated”…however the humble pasta sauce and gravy wouldn’t exist have been it not for this basis…to not point out the myriad scrumptious creations that start with these constructing blocks.

Here’s a temporary tour of the 5 mom sauces…

Hollandaise Sauce

In all probability probably the most well-known of the mom sauces, it’s a family title in eating places, the place it’s served with Eggs Benedict – an American creation that’s recognized for its wealthy, creamy, calorie-loaded character.

Eggs, butter, and lemon kind the premise for this versatile sauce that goes past the breakfast and brunch desk. It’s been poured over grilled and steamed greens like asparagus, artichokes, and broccoli, and stored as a facet dipping sauce for a spread of dishes.

One of the crucial well-liked variations is Bearnaise – one of many sister sauces that additionally consists of Sauce Mousseline, Sauce Noisette, Sauce Dijon, and Sauce Maltaise.

Hollandaise is a scrumptious, wealthy addition to many dishes, however it may be finicky to arrange. Temperature and approach play huge roles within the making of a clean, creamy Hollandaise, so it’s not quite common in on a regular basis cooking.

Béchamel Sauce

The white sauce of the household, béchamel is a taste overload that begins with flour, butter, and milk…the seasoning is as much as the person chef.

The French normally preserve it quite simple – somewhat salt and pepper – whereas the Italian model typically features a little nutmeg. Many cooks will steep the milk with a bay leaf and a complete onion that’s been studded with a few cloves, giving the milk a wealthy taste earlier than it’s mixed with the roux.

Nonetheless you select to taste béchamel, it is going to be the premise for almost each butter or cream-based sauce you’re making ready. Even a easy mac ’n cheese begins with this base!

Whereas Chef Escoffier didn’t invent this recipe, his interpretation of this mom sauce is taken into account the culinary authority.

Velouté Sauce

This silky, blonde mom sauce shares some widespread traits with béchamel, however as a substitute of including milk to the roux, a transparent inventory is added. The velouté sauce has a pale blonde coloration as a result of the bones aren’t roasted earlier than creating the inventory.

Any bones can be utilized – fish, veal, beef, poultry – as a inventory base for velouté, simply so long as they aren’t roasted, as this darkens the inventory and adjustments the flavour profile.

After you have the bottom, a wide range of components could be added…wine, cream, flavored juices. The one restrict is your creativeness with this versatile sauce.

A good brown sauce helps bring out the flavor in meat.An excellent brown sauce helps convey out the flavour in meat.

Tomato Sauce

Certain, we all know it as ‘pasta sauce’…however tomato sauce base can achieve this way more. Historically it’s seasoned with oregano and basil, onions and garlic, cayenne and coriander, and fits a spread of dishes…rice, pasta, fish, poultry, pork, beef, potatoes…you get the concept.

Escoffier’s conventional ‘sauce tomate’ begins with salted pork stomach, onion, bay leaves, thyme, puréed or recent tomatoes, roux, garlic, salt, sugar, and pepper. If that appears too bold – otherwise you’re following particular dietary restrictions – you’ll be able to pass over the pork stomach and the roux and make a primary tomato sauce.

This sauce could also be somewhat old-fashioned, however it’s nonetheless a scrumptious basis for tomato-based recipes.

Espagnole (Spanish) Sauce

Consider it or not, this sauce has nothing to do with Spanish delicacies, per se. Because the story goes, King Louis XIII’s bride, Anne – a Spanish princess – had Spanish cooks who insisted on placing tomatoes within the primary brown sauce to offer it a extra well-rounded taste. The sauce was a smash hit and named after their nation.

Not like the opposite mom sauces, Espagnole has very robust flavors and is normally diluted with one other sauce or broth – it’s hardly ever served by itself. The wealthy, distinct taste comes from roasted veal bone broth, quite than beef, setting it other than it’s milder mom sauces.

You’ll discover Espagnole sauce on the base of favorites like sauce bourguignonne, mushroom sauce, and a creole-inspired sauce Africaine.

Whether or not you’re an beginner prepare dinner in your house kitchen or finding out at a culinary college to additional your profession within the business, having a mastery of those 5 mom sauces will elevate your cooking. They kind the inspiration for therefore many inventive – and conventional – dishes, and so they’re yours to discover.

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